Memories of Hollywood: the Novel

I have finally done something I’ve been threatening, er, promising to do for 4 years now of compiling MoH. Right about now. And that is to write a book. It wasn’t the book I thought I’d see come out of here (that will come later in the year). This is a novel based partly on my experiences growing up in Greater Hollywood in the early 1980’s. Only the parts about the time travel and ghosts are taken from my own life, the rest of it is fiction. Hopefully you don’t skim it over and find it all too unbelievable! But please feel free to buy it! That is the point of my writing this now, I suppose.

I could put the link right about HERE (notice it’s not actually clickable) but that would just be crass. Instead I will kindly direct you over to Amazon. Select Books-Kindle and then look me up by my official author nom de plume William Hardesty. Regular and even casual readers of this site will find several (or many) familiar things in the story. But don’t worry, far from being a “don’t buy the cow-get the milk for free” scenario, you will find much more there that is quite unexpected. If you don’t have a Kindle, worry not, for the app is free on all PCs, tablets and devices.

OK you talked me into it:  amzn.to/1QPsyGG

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