6 Train Turnaround

During all of my visits the last dozen years or so, there was something I just had to see in New York, but for various reasons, couldn’t.  One thing that always held me back was the sight of NYPD officers in the subway; wearing Kevlar and toting automatic weapons in those queasy years after 9/11.  […]


NY Ephemera #1

In New York now it’s easier than ever to find out about things you’d been curious about for years.  Intrigued by palimpsests, I’ve always wondered about those old F.M. Ring painted ads about a dozen stories up on several old buildings in the Twenties.  I assumed they were many decades old but failed to notice […]

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PCC: Under Pressure

Puget Consumers Co-op, or PCC, is a natural foods retailer located in and around the Seattle area.  Like its feisty neighbor Starbucks, it is a source of either local pride or embarrassment; depending on who you ask and when.  If you ask me, I’d say it’s a thing to be proud of; after all, it’s […]


The 26th Street Flea

There was a flea market that assembled itself outside the gates of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn some Sundays.  The trouble was, it only convened on “some Sundays,” it was unreliable.  It didn’t matter much anyways, I and my art student friends were usually broke; and the stuff they offered wasn’t worth much.  It was all […]


18 Arhans, and Others like It

My friend Susan has been a vegan for decades.  She’s invested a lot of time finding the healthiest, tastiest vegan cuisine in New York.  When I was in the City, sometimes I’d come along for the sampling of cuisine, sometimes not. Knowing about my burgeoning interest in Buddhist Meditation, she brought me along one day […]


The Speedway News

Some of my clearest memories are of waiting on the front porch of my house at 126 S. 43rd West Avenue in Tulsa. It was 1978 and I was 10 years old going on 11.  I was a reflective (some might say brooding) kid given to flights of fantasy and whimsy. I sat there, while […]

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Requiem for Two Boots

Twenty years ago tonight I had my last drink ever at my favorite watering hole and hangout, Two Boots Restaurant and Bar in Brooklyn.  I was there (as if I ever needed an excuse) to attend the screening, the World Premiere, if you will, of a 90 minute long silent movie comedy called “The Schenectady […]

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The Great Debunker

“Hey dude, yeah you.  I see you or someone like you every morning on my way to work.  You’re the guy who impatiently blows by me on the road, you know, because I’m only going 10 miles over the posted limit.  Do you ever notice that I’m also the guy you see 5 traffic lights […]

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Find Yourself

I love being tracked.  I know people nowadays have concerns about the NSA snooping into their business and whatnot; civil liberties: blah blah blah; but I just look at all that as a sign that somebody somewhere cares.  It’s comforting to me.  I realize this attitude may come about as a result of negligent parenting, but I try not to […]


Out on the Boulevard

To those who care, Hollywood Boulevard conjures up a slew of contrasting images, from seedy to glamorous.  The seriously uninitiated believe that Hollywood’s stars promenade up and down the starred sidewalks.  Others, equally uninitiated, believe it’s a place too scary to visit, day or night.  Well, with 35 years of ongoing experience, I can tell […]

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Friday July 20, 1979 my mom took a day off from her job at On the Spot, a cleaning supply company located out in the Valley.  It was the 10th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing and she thought it would be a good opportunity for us to learn something. 


Gone to Glendale

Walking through the Pratt campus one hot sticky day in the late spring of 1989, I made the decision to just go for it.  My friend Jordan had invited me to stay the whole summer with him in LA. Yeah, California.