Photo from Griffith Observatory to the Hollywood Sign

My back yard, sorta.

It was really fun to get to walk around in what I considered to be my back yard, though I didn’t live up in the hills I’d head up from the entrance of Griffith Park.  I never saw any of my friends or other people from school here so it was like going on a retreat.  I heard about Peg Entwistle jumping off the ‘H.’  About James Dean filming the knife fight scene in “Rebel Without A Cause” right behind where I was standing there.  I didn’t know it but the Hillside Strangler probably did some of his work right around here.  By the time I moved to LA they had just replaced the deteriorated old ‘Hollywood’ sign with a brand new one.  These hills have alot of stories, like we all do.  But also like us, not all of them are happy.

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